Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Picture-fest from Team 1

Go Team 1a!
This post is going to be a very picture heavy one--I'm a bit behind on getting the evidence of our adventures out there!  Bear with me!
Making pizza the first night!
This is usually how our days look...Darwin, Todd, and myself wading through the options while the volunteers patiently and gracefully take care of themselves...where would we be without such great folks!

Prepping our stealth-boat!

If I were a loon I would swim away too...

Headed out on a beautiful night to catch some loons!
The perfect action shot!

A re-cap of one of our radio-transmitter backpack birds.

Hi Nancy!  Also, notice on the bird how wet and skinny s/he is.
That's the radio's antenna sticking up from him/her back.

Cutting the transmitter off.  This bird was compromised by a nasty aspergillosis infection in the lungs, which we unfortunately found out about during its necropsy.

Drawing blood for PAH, heavy-metal, and genetic analysis.  (this is a different bird than above)

Sometimes we see some other pretty cool critters out there!

Necropsy via skype!

I swear we work most of the time...

I'll get together with Darwin at some point here to put the other group photo up, but this is a good example of the day to day here at earthwatchloonwatch!  Thanks go out to Susan for taking all these photos and so willingly sharing them with me!  Remember the F-word--Flexibility!

Friday, February 17, 2012

Prep for the First Bunch!

Hi All!

This will be the blog for the Earthwatch Institute project Loons and the Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill!
It will serve as a facilitator to keep us all connected during the season across volunteer groups and through the years of the project!  Expect group photos, description of weekly activities, results explanations, and a whole variety of things that may come to my mind that would be valuable for our wonderful volunteers!

Please keep in touch and feel free to ask any questions you may have!!