Friday, March 16, 2012

Hey all, back again on a catch-up Friday!
Seems like summer may be here now, quite warm, humid, and a warm fog every night--a total change from week 1!!  Lives oaks are budding out and the birds in the yard are very busy setting up their territories and the loons are getting into their breeding plumage!  Pretty soon now, I suspect we'll be seeing fewer and fewer loons! Above is a map showing all the routes and waypoints recorded on my GPS unit--that's a lot of miles and a lot of loons so far!

Had yet another great group of volunteers last week, and for the folks new to the blog, please feel free to send me your photos (assuming you want to share them!) at and we'll get your experiences on the interwebs!

Below are a few from 2a that have their photos on separate locations--follow the links and check them out, they're great!

Donna's photos on Facebook (a public album).

Below are a few from Margo (2b), and I really like the filtered ones! 
Murielle and Rebecca ready for a day on the water

Delta Marina cabins


Todd's boat

Working out the day's route

Murielle having a blast!

Louisiana sunset!

Murielle with her bird


Darwin, Jim, and myself
Keep the photos coming and hope everyone is enjoying their springs as the earth tilts to the north!

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