Friday, March 9, 2012

Rainy day here, spending the day in, so I figured I'd get caught up once again! 
The last two weeks have been quite nice even though we've been fighting the weather a bit, saw a record list of birds down at Venice yesterday--52 total species!, caught three loons in one night, got some sweet shots of dolphins at sunset, and made some new friends!
Got some photos from team 2a--thanks Lyman for sharing!
Caroline and Carol on our first cancelled night of fog, wind, and rain...too bad they were ready for the weather!

Todd and I deciding what to do about the weather

Our fine craft!

It's BioLodge!

Running down a canal on a sunny day!

There was a gator here a moment ago!

American White Pelicans starting to get into breeding season.

Looking for loons!

Jay's boat, clearly they are not working very hard...  ;)

Barge heading up the Big Muddy

Prepping the capture data sheets

Forming the aluminum band

Darwin pulling a loon out of the box

Darwin putting the bird's feet on display

Helping Judy and Carol hold the bird

Drawing blood with Ellen

Checking that we're getting our full sample

Putting the aluminum band on

All the bands on! Ready to go!

Never a good idea to leave the loony bin with coffee and iphones....

A good shot of our favorite birding spot down on Tidewater Rd in Venice

Adult brown pelican flying by


A close-up red tail

My first gator and first one of the season!

We keep our volunteers busy down here...

and I swear I work too!

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